The Laws of Attraction is your guide to an enlightened and fulfilled life

There are several interpretations of the Laws of Attraction but maybe the most popular is “You attract to Your Life whatever You give Your attention, Energy and Focus to. Whether wanted or unwanted.

Perhaps a couple of simpler ways to say this are: “You get what you concentrate on.” Or maybe “Change your thoughts change your life.” One more way to say it is “You get out of life exactly what you expect to get.” Look for the positive in any situation and you will find it.

Please remember that thoughts are things and as such they have tremendous power, perhaps more than you have ever imagined. We all attract things into our lives and whether we realise it or not it still works so you might as well have control over it.

Law-of-Attraction-KeyThe Laws of Attraction is dedicated to helping you do exactly that. It is one of your keys to success. YOU can control what comes into YOUR life.

You see it is my intention (We will talk about the power of intention.) to get this message out in a way that it makes sense to YOU.

To do this I will say it in as many ways as I can imagine. This is not simply about the power of positive thinking.

There is so much more to The Laws of Attraction and I intend to give you the tools and information in plain English. You will receive a comprehensive guide to more resources than you are likely to find anywhere else.

The very fact that you are here and reading this proves that attraction works very well indeed. Something attracted you here and in this perfect universe there are no coincidences and no accidents. You’re here for a reason.

Our common goal is to find that reason together and through the use of the resources you find here it is my sincere desire that you find something that inspires and activates you.

One good question to ask yourself is: Do I see this world as basically a good or a bad place? This might seem an oversimplification but the answer is very important and whichever your answer is this Laws of Attraction website can help you.

Let’s take a moment to look at the classic “Is the glass half full of half empty?” scenario. Just in case you haven’t heard of this one it is a very simple but effective way of revealing an immediate truth about someones attitude.

Glass-Half-FullIf you were to see a glass of water on a table filled to 50% of its capacity would you describe it as half full or half empty? It’s that simple and the Laws of Attraction will work accordingly.

A test like this one doesn’t reveal who you really are of course but it does give an immediate impression of the way you are thinking at that moment. I would call this your default setting.

Remember though, just as a new computer comes with default settings that can be changed, so do we. If you don’t like your default setting, change it. It will take conscious effort to do so but it is well worth it.

We are all on the same path, though we all start at different places. Since no one is better than anyone else we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. The best thing you can do is be better than YOU were yesterday.

If you want to be loved, demonstrate love. If you want to be wealthy, adopt an abundance mindset. If you want happiness you don’t need to look for the way to it because happiness is the way.

Let me tell you a story about how the Laws of Attraction apply to happiness.

A kitten is in an alley chasing his tail. A wise old alley cat comes along and says to the kitten “Why are you chasing your tail?” The kitten says “I learnt in kitten school that happiness is found in my tail and if I can catch it and hold onto it I can have happiness.”

Well the old alley cat replied to the kitten “You know I never went to kitten school but I have learnt a few things in my life and you are right. Happiness is found in my tail but instead of chasing it I found that if I just go about my business happiness follows along after me.”

The Laws of Attraction you find here work whether you are aware of them or not so why not take time to learn as much as you can about them and the other resources provided to improve your life.

Find out more about the Laws of Attraction with the absolute master of it in my opinion, Dr. Wayne Dyer.